Why I'm Driven by Moodr Health: A Spotlight on Ataes Aggarwal

  • January 29, 2024


I’ve heard that there are two types of inspirations for a business: (1) personal experience with the problem being solved, and (2) finding a gap in the market. Neither being fully independent of the other nor better than the other. For better or for worse, I feel that my inspiration, along with every member of Moodr, is skewed toward the former. 

Reflecting on my personal journey with mental health, as well as my mother's experiences with her children, including myself, and the narratives of other parents within my community, I felt a profound sense of gratitude for having an opportunity to bring about change in a space that has shaped my life. The vision of Moodr has become a compelling reason for me to embrace waking up in the morning. Working alongside the wonderful team we have organically built and growing to learn more about the importance of our pursuit at multiple scales has only added fuel to the fire.

What I do is pretty simple in principle. Our philosophy has been to create something that genuinely helps people and “the rest will figure itself out.” I work on the “figure itself out part” and support building  innovation to help people, to ensure our vision is brought to fruition no matter what (in a creative and strategically sound manner).