Empathy in Action: Crystal Webster Joins Moodr Health to Transform Mental Health Support

  • December 1, 2023


We are thrilled to share the exciting news of Crystal Webster joining Moodr Health as a valued advisory board member and key contributor to our marketing and content creation team. Crystal brings a wealth of experience and passion to our organization, embodying a holistic approach to grief, gratitude, happiness, and resiliency. As the founder of Sharing Solace, Crystal has dedicated her life to supporting those navigating grief and loss, exemplifying both academic prowess and street-smart wisdom. With a Cornell University Wellness Counseling Certificate and participation in the UC Berkeley Science of Happiness Program and Greater Good Science Center Mindful Self-Compassion Training, Crystal's diverse education underscores her commitment to well-rounded, compassionate care. Her journey as a loss mama, coupled with her relentless pursuit of knowledge, positions her as a formidable force in the mental health and wellness space.

Crystal's multifaceted identity as an entrepreneur, speaker, grief sherpa, author, (co)founder, and loving mother to Madelyn Elizabeth Webster who tragically died in Crystal’s arms just hours after she was born, adds depth to her role at Moodr Health. Her ability to blend personal experiences with formal education makes her an invaluable asset to our team. Outside her professional commitments, Crystal enjoys reading, crocheting, and exploring her favorite destination, Las Vegas. We look forward to the immense contributions Crystal will make to Moodr Health, enhancing our mission to provide comprehensive and compassionate mental health support to mothers, fathers, and caregivers.

Our connection with Crystal Webster is a serendipitous tale that unfolded at the PSI conference, where both Moodr Health and Crystal had display booths. With the person in between us mysteriously absent most of the conference, the universe orchestrated an introduction. Closing in on night one, Crystal, being a local from Kansas City, graciously invited the Moodr team to dinner, showcasing her knowledge of the city's gems. Over delicious barbecue, we engaged in meaningful conversations, discovering a shared passion for mental health advocacy and support. This chance encounter blossomed into a friendship that transcended the conference.

Crystal's decision to join the Moodr Health team stems from the alignment of our missions. Recognizing that both organizations strive to support similar populations in the mental health space, Crystal saw a synergy in our approaches. Having navigated the profound loss of her daughter, she empathizes with the challenges of addressing postpartum depression while caring for a newborn. Our shared values and ideals, coupled with the common goal of providing timely and accessible mental health support, solidified the connection between Crystal and Moodr Health. Both organizations are committed to breaking the taboo surrounding mental health, a mission that resonates deeply with our entire team.

Looking ahead, Crystal is excited about the transformative impact our collaboration can have. Recognizing the need for proactive outreach in the mental health space, she envisions a future where individuals feel comfortable reaching out for help. Crystal's role within Moodr Health will encompass various facets, including contributing to content creation, with a focus on grief series that draw from her firsthand experiences and insights in this space. Together, we aim to make mental health discussions more approachable, destigmatize vulnerability, and extend a helping hand to those who need it most. With Crystal on board, we eagerly anticipate the positive changes and growth that our partnership will bring to the landscape of mental health support. Welcome, Crystal, to the Moodr Health family!