Moodr is Transforming Lives for Expectant and New Mothers

  • November 5, 2023


Moodr Health has played a significant role in elevating the functionality and efficiency of Mon Health’s Progressing through Postpartum (P3) Program. This blog has documented the research-informed framework that supports the use of proactive outreach, text messaging as a communication tool, and the integration of technology to support these initiatives. It has also captured clinician testimonials that advocate for this software’s ability to challenge the most basic assumptions and revolutionize healthcare administration processes.

However, what about the perspective of the patients?

In the pursuit of continuous growth and improvement, the P3 Program actively sought feedback from patients regarding their experiences and perspectives on the care they received. The results overwhelmingly demonstrate that patients feel Moodr’s solution connects them with their healthcare provider, promotes personalized care, and alleviates their sense of isolation.

In today's healthcare landscape, patient feedback is often overlooked. We are committed to putting our patients' voices front and center, allowing them to guide our practices. In the spirit of this, we present testimonials from our patients:

  • “Literally life-saving! Best program I have ever come across and I am grateful for it.”
  • “I love this program. I can’t imagine having a baby without it.”
  • “I was very comforted knowing I could get quick and thorough answers for all my postpartum questions. And utilizing text messaging was the perfect form of communication postpartum. I really appreciated this form of support.”
  • “Your support and care were wonderful and so greatly appreciated!”