Announcing the New Moodr Early Innovator Grant along with First Awardee: Mon Health’s P3 Program

  • April 29, 2024


Morgantown, WV, April 29th, 2024

Moodr Health, a pioneering healthcare technology startup based in Morgantown, WV, proudly unveils the Moodr Early Innovator Grant, a novel initiative aimed at advancing proactive mental health solutions. Moodr's proactive digital healthcare platform equips providers with vital indicators to prevent, identify, and address mental health challenges early on.

The Moodr Early Innovator Grant was established to endorse projects aligning with Moodr's mission of delivering effective and proactive mental health support. Projects employing innovative approaches to reach and assist individuals facing mental health struggles are strongly encouraged to apply. Awardees will benefit from a 1-1 match in Moodr Platform subscription fees.

The first recipient of the grant is Mon Health’s Progressing Through Postpartum (P3) Program. This initiative screens mothers before, during, and after pregnancy for indications of anxiety, depression, or mood disorders. Utilizing the Moodr Health platform to track interactions enables early detection and symptom management, facilitating timely connections with support teams. Following delivery, a nurse navigator reaches out to all mothers via a secure text message system integrated into the Moodr platform, ensuring access to necessary resources for mothers, fathers, and caregivers.

The innovative approach of the P3 Program in treating patients garnered them the Moodr Early Innovator Grant. With over 1100 patients enrolled in the Moodr platform within a short time frame of program implementation, this team stands at the forefront of digital technology and healthcare solutions for maternal mental health.

David Goldberg, President and CEO of Mon Health System and Executive Vice President of Vandalia Health, comments, “We are immensely proud to collaborate with Moodr Health, M&S Consulting, and Intermed Labs. This partnership empowers our clinical experts to co-create tools enhancing patient outcomes, care delivery, and communication. We commend our Moodr team and are honored to be early adopters, contributing content and expertise, and utilizing West Virginian innovation to make a meaningful impact locally and beyond. Our gratitude to Moodr Health and congratulations to the Mon Health P3 Program team for their unwavering dedication to our patients.”

From the P3 Program Team: "The implementation of Moodr at both Mon Health Medical Center and Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital has revolutionized the P3 Program's workflow. Enhanced collaboration among team members allows us to leverage individual strengths for the benefit of our patients."

Dr. Shane Prettyman and Dr. Craig Herring, Co-Medical Directors of Mon Health Women’s Care Services, add, "The support provided by Moodr Health enables our P3 Program team to offer our patients much-needed support throughout their prenatal and postpartum journey. From the first prenatal visit to their baby's first birthday, our outreach has expanded significantly, thanks to Moodr's implementation, resulting in a more comprehensive approach to care."

The collaboration between Moodr Health and Mon Health's P3 Program marks a significant stride in proactive maternal mental health care. Through the innovative use of Moodr's digital platform, the P3 Program has revolutionized patient care, extending support from prenatal to postpartum stages. This partnership exemplifies the transformative impact of technology in advancing mental health initiatives, underscoring the commitment of both organizations to improving patient outcomes and fostering comprehensive healthcare solutions. 

Interested parties are encouraged to explore the Moodr Early Innovator Grant for opportunities to further innovate in the mental health landscape. Learn more and apply online at For questions or inquiries, contact Jackie Lytton, Moodr Health Marketing and Business Development Director, at


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